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This is a blog on content marketing, SEO, and marketing.

I’ve worked for content teams at fast-growing startups like ClickUp (early marketing hire at $1B company!) and Toptal (special SEO projects!) and was head of marketing at Friday.app (more than 100k sessions in a year!) before the site was purchased. I’m currently director of content at Range.co, a team communication tool for async check-ins, meeting management, and goal-setting.

I’m a graduate of Vanderbilt University and have a Master’s degree in English from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Most of my career hasn’t been focused on marketing.

I’ve been an AmeriCorps volunteer, a middle school English teacher, a catalog editor, an aide with social services, a business reporter and an adjunct English instructor.

Marketing became a focus for me when I became a P/T copywriter at an advertising agency while also adjunct teaching. I learned the different types of writing needed for sales and persuasion. Later, I became a marketing manager for a healthcare company and used those skills to develop email nurture campaigns, educational help content, sales support materials, and branded marketing campaigns.

While working in healthcare, I remember reading Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holliday. This book introduced me to SaaS marketing and product-led growth. After experimenting with a few techniques and learning more about the space, I was recruited to work remotely as a content marketing manager for Workzone.com, a project management company. After a year or so working there, I pitched my services to ClickUp, which was a small, but fast-growing bootstrapped startup. Wanting to continue content marketing, but also as a remote worker, I became their content marketing lead and quickly grew the site from a few thousand visitors a month to more than 100,000 visitors per month. But I left what would become a $1B dollar company.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the grind of the startup at that point of my life was too much. I also wasn’t sure what ClickUp would become even though it was growing so quickly.

From there, I honed my content marketing and SEO skills working on several domains for Toptal, moved to Friday.app where I grew the traffic from 1,000 sessions per month to almost 100k sessions per month, gaining more than 10,000 signups per month in the process.

The Friday.app domain was bought and sold, and I moved to Range.co, an async check-in, meeting management, and goal-setting platform where I work on content and digital marketing strategy.

I hope this blog helps you improve your content and SEO.

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