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Should content marketers be journalists?

My newsletter subscribers got this first! Sign up here for free. Okay, this post is inspired by John Bonini’s recent LinkedIn post. He talks about evaluating writers, which I’m not as interested in. I’m mostly interested in this: “The best writers are reporters, folks. Start screening for it.” That’s a good jumping off point, because the conversation…

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What to do with “What is…” blog content & SEO

My newsletter subscribers got this first! Sign up here for free. Recently, my Twitter pal John Henry from Growth Plays pulled out a gem of a tweet thread. If you don’t know John Henry, he spends more time in large enterprise accounts than a raccoon in dirty dumpsters (that’s a compliment). His tweets were about “What is” content and their…

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Everyone hates the SEO format. But every channel has a “format”

Everyone seems to hate SEO content these days.  A lot of “what is” articles and listicles with your product listed as #1.  Guilty as charged.  I do both of those things.  But here’s the crazy thing – it generally still works.  Here’s an update on one of my most successful posts. It’s still chugging along…