Content Teardown: ClickUp “Free Project Management Software” Post

ClickUp is a popular productivity platform that just raised $100M…valuing them as a $1 billion company. 

In this video, I break down the anatomy of one of ClickUp’s most popular and highest-performing posts (according to popular SEO tools). 

And what’s crazy? I developed the strategy and wrote the original post on free project management software.

As a former content strategist at ClickUp, I’ll walk through the strategies and mindset I used to develop it.

For several years, this post was…

  • One of the top posts for a high-volume, high-intent search term (“free project management software”) with more than 14,000 searches per month
  • Ranking for hundreds of secondary terms
  • And uses a few content techniques I haven’t seen too many other places. 

This 26-minute video uses only publicly available information and shows how you can implement a few of the same strategies in your industry. 

This content breakdown is for: 

  • Anyone interested in how to improve content marketing for SaaS co’s
  • Specific, on-page strategies
  • A quick glimpse at how to use popular SEO tools to research, improve, and optimize content


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